One Great Venue

University School

(Click on the map to see the walking path from Metro station “Sierra de Guadalupe” (Line 1))

  • Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • C/ Arboleda, S/N 28031 Madrid – Spain
1st floor, block III, auditorium

The Computers Schools of the UPM is located on the Campus Sur in Valencia Road Km 7.
There is an alternative access from Calle Arboleda 1, Madrid.


By Metro (recommended)

“Sierra de Guadalupe” station, on the metro line L-1. Then walk 900m using this route:


By Bus

There are several buses you can take to get to the University, including:

      • Bus E: From Conde Casal with various stops through the Campus

With stops at the Ctra. de Valencia slipway:

      • Bus 63: From Felipe II to Santa Eugenia
      • Bus 145: Desde Conde de Casal to Santa Eugenia

With stop in the back of the Campus, near the gas station on Carretera de Vallecas (Avda. de la Albufera):

      • Bus 54: From Glorieta de Carlos V
      • Bus 58: From Puente de Vallecas
      • Bus 103: From Entrevías
      • Bus 130: From Villaverde / Vicálvaro
      • Bus 142: From Pavones
      • Bus 143: From Manuel Becerra