How much is it?

Pricing & ticket types

Three kind of tickets are available:

  • The Training day only ticket
    6 hours Groovy & Grails crash course, from scratch to advanced topics.
    The course will be done by Pronoide, a leading company in training.
    Download the agenda here: english course / spanish course.
    Thursday 9th April. Lunch not included. Limited space.
    Fixed price: 150€ + 21%VAT
  • The Two conference days only ticket
    Friday 10th & Saturday 11th April.
    Two days, two tracks full of talks and workshops with all the international speakers around.
    Lunch and coffee included. Bonus: party and gifts!
    Regular price until March 22nd: 100€ + 21%VAT
  • The full ticket
    9th, 10th & 11th April
    The training day and two conference days combined in one ticket.
    Regular price until March 22nd: 250€ + 21%VAT

Hurry up! Regular price ends March 22nd 2015!

Companies and freelancers

Do you need invoice?

Just fill the NIF/CIF/Vat ID and your business name, and mark the “Do you need invoice” checkbox. We will send the invoice to the provided email after April 13rd 2015.
Warning: the invoice will not include the Paypal fee, so we recommend you use only cards.

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