Greach 2016

Make your Asciidoctor Groovy

AsciidoctorJ is the official library to run Asciidoctor on the JVM. It is used to convert AsciiDoc files to HTML, PDF or DocBook documents. AsciidoctorJ offers a simple extension mechanism which allows to add new features and capabilities to the conversion process.
One such extension is the AsciidocJ screenshot plugin. It makes use of GEB to create screenshots of a web browser and adds them directly to the generated document. Automating the process of taking screenshots is yet another step towards a living documentation. And also one thing less to remember when doing a release.
This session gives an introduction to the AsciidoctorJ extension mechanism and the power which can be unleashed when it is combined with Groovy. The screenshot extension is used to show, not just how simple it is to create an extension, but also why Groovy is the perfect tool for this job. Because nothing speaks as clearly as code, a basic version of the screenshot extension will be created live on stage. Showing both the simplicity and the power which Groovy offers as the extension language of choice.

Senior Software Engineer

Stephan Classen

Stephan Classen

Stephan Classen is working since 8 years as a software engineer. He is a TDD enthusiast and likes to keep code quality at a high level. In his daily work he takes the role of a senior software engineer. Stephan Classen is an open source maniac, a member of the Apachi Onami project and a regular participant at Hackergarten. When not on the computer he strolls around Basel with his two little kids.