Greach 2016

The advantages of Grails

In this presentation I will show some of the advantages of using the Grails framework.
Grails is a web-framework built on the “shoulders of giants”. It acts as an easy, yet very powerful layer on top of Spring MVC, Hibernate and Sitemesh. It aims at developer speed by applying “convention over configuration”, sensible defaults and easy access to common functionality. It integrates easily with application containers (like Tomcat) on the JVM. Grails has a lively plugin community, where a wide variety of common functionality is captured.

Software Engineer and Grails Advocate

Søren Berg Glasius

Søren Berg Glasius

I am the co-founder of GR8Conf and your friendly organizer of GR8Conf Europe… In 2009 Guillaume Laforge and I founded the GR8Conf. It was a gr8 success – with over 100 attendees from 17 countries around the world. Now seven years later, GR8Conf is still going stronger. Besides doing GR8Conf, Søren works for OCI – the home of Grails, where he everyday gets to work with his passion: Groovy and Grails. I have worked in the Java world for over 13 years, and have a gr8 passion for Groovy, Grails, Griffon and the other gr8 technologies.