Greach 2016

Creating AST's the painful truth?

Developing ASTs have been always a path of pain and suffering, not to mention the darkness and mysticism around them. In this talk I’m trying to bring some light on them, Will I succeed? We’ll see 😛


Mario García

Mario García

I’ve always been interested in learning new ways of improving my skill sets as software developer. That idea sometimes has led me in the past to look for that knowledge abroad.

Although I’m also have my days, I wouldn’t start anything without testing it in the first place. What languages do I like ? Although I personally prefer Groovy, all languages within the JVM are welcomed, and of course some others outside the JVM such as Haskell.

When I’m not programming I like simple things like: a full moon, testing, having a coffee, coding, walking downtown, refactoring, and all over again.