Greach 2014

Building Micro Services using Spring Boot and friends.

Spring Boot is the new addition to the Spring family. It takes an opinionated view of building Spring applications, adopting convention over configuration as default. Add Groovy to the mix, and you have a web stack that will give you wings!

In this talk we will:
– Discuss the Micro Service Architecture.
– Discuss the nuts and bolts required to build a Spring Boot Micro Service.
– Test and write components with Groovy and Spock.
– Run it on an embedded Jetty or Tomcat server.
– Use Spring Data to interact with Postgres or MongoDB databases.
– Use Cucumber with Geb for functional.
– How to use Gradle to build.
– Set up a Continuous Delivery pipeline in the cloud.
– Automatically deploy the application to a PaaS platform.
– Use Swagger spring-mvc UI to dynamically document the API.

By the end of this session, participants should know enough to build their own applications and deploy them to the cloud with ease!

Source code:

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Marco Vermeulen

Marco Vermeulen

Marco Vermeulen is a South African Software Developer who works and lives in London.

He spent the past 10 years working with Enterprise Java, having experienced both the benefits and frustrations of the technology. He has survived EJB 2.1, did time with Struts and enjoyed using frameworks like Spring and Hibernate. Having worked with Groovy for the past 5 years, he has engineered solutions for Shazam, MailOnline and Burberry.

He currently works as an Equal Experts associate, and spends his spare time working on his pet project, GVM.