Greach 2016

Fluent SQL with JOOQ

Hibernate and other ORMs try to get developers to forget that SQL exists. Then you deal with Lazy Initialization Exceptions or “simple” queries running dozens of queries behind the scenes. JOOQ is a typesafe, fluent API for building sql queries directly in your code without resorting to string concatenation.

JOOQ provides several features to make writing SQL less painful including POJO data binding, code generation for models and the active record pattern to skip writing simple CRUD sql. Additionally there are features that missing or difficult in ORMs like stored procedure support, mutli tenancy and hooks into the query lifecycle.

Embrace SQL and leave your ORM behind.

Senior Software Engineer

Kyle Boon

Kyle Boon

Kyle Boon is a Senior Software Engineer for SmartThings in Minneapolis, MN. He has been developing web applications professionally for the last 12 years. Kyle is passionate about building scalable, maintainable, robust software systems and having fun while doing so. When not programming he obsesses over Ohio State football, golfs poorly, and rides bikes.