Greach 2016

Ratpack in Practice

You’ve seen all the getting started talks, even little bits about securing your Ratpack application. Now what? We will go over some best practices for organizing your applications. How to build libraries to easily share across different projects. We will also get into monitoring your Ratpack application. Lastly we will work through some things to think about when adapting both blocking libraries and non-blocking libraries with Ratpack.

Software Architect

Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck

I am an Engineer at SmartThings, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have been doing Grails since 2010 and I’m a Ratpack core team member.

I work toward being an active member of the local Groovy community as well as an open source contributor, contributing to Grails plugins and Ratpack in my free time. I am very interested in creating code that is easy to maintain and share not only within a team, but in the broader community as well.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter