Greach 2014

Startup Lesson Learned from rolling a Grails App to Millions Users

James Page will tell the story of how he and Sabrina Mach built Webnographer on the back of a Grails Application.

The application is a UX Testing suite that has been used by the likes of British Telecom, Electrolux, Vodafone, and numerous over companies. Webnographer had early success and without the performance of Groovy and Grails would not be where they are today. The application went very quickly to a situation where the application was being used by several million users a month on minimal hardware.

James’ presentation will go into how the simplicity of Groovy and Grails has allowed them to expand without needing outside investment. He will give details of their development work flows, and also how they deploy. A key advantage of Groovy is that it is based on Java and that it is easy to learn. James will detail how he on boarded developers to the Groovy Environment.

The talk will help anybody, who needs a case study to justify using Groovy and Grails.


James Page

James Page

James Page is the co-founder of Webnographer, the remote usability company. James started off as a programmer, but soon realised that, to see what he has created was becoming a reality, he would have to be entrepreneur as well.

James has been involved in a number of start ups, including Eidos (who went on to launch Tomb Raider), and with Bob Geldof.

He is passionate about making software less frustrating and easier to use.