Greach 2016

Geb for Browser Automation

In this session, we will see how Geb can be used to automate the testing of your entire application by automating browser testing.
Geb is build on top of Selenium WebDriver, but it brings together the power of WebDriver, the elegance of jQuery content selection,
a robust page object modelling while using the expressiveness of Groovy and the power of Spock.

We will se how to structure the tests to make them easy to maintain, and how we can interact with both the browser and an underlying Grails application (if needed).

Finally, We will see how it is possible to interact with javascript on the webpage under test, and examples on what browser automation also can be used for.

Senior Engineer

Jacob Aae Mikkelsen

Jacob Aae Mikkelsen

Jacob is a senior software engineer with the Lego Group, working with a new micro service based digital platform for Lego Education. He has been working full time with Groovy based technologies the last 4 years, including an extended period programming core libraries for the Danish Business Authority in Grails (while with Gennemt├Žnkt IT).

He’s been on the crew arranging GR8conf Europe for several years, and each week, blogging the Grails Diary with news from the community, and have taught a university level course on “Web development with Groovy and Grails”.