Greach 2016

Dockerize your Grails!

The containers and particularly Docker have been one of the buzzwords of the last years, but do they offer what they promise?
In this talk will see a very quick an basic Docker 101 introduction and then will see how we can take advantages of all its features for developing and deploying our Grails applications.

Software Engineer

Iván López

Iván López

Iván is a Software Engineer and Systems Administrator with 14 years of experience. He discovered Grails 5 years ago and since then he develops almost exclusively using Groovy. He is the creator of some Grails plugins like Postgresql-Extensions and Slug-Generator.

He’s also the coordinator of the Madrid Groovy User Group (@madridgug), the organizer of the Greach Conference ( and a frequent speaker at conferences like SpringOne 2GX, Groovy and Grails eXchange, GR8Conf, Greach, Codemotion, GeeCon, JDays, Spring IO, ConFoo, RigaDevDay or ConFess.