Sr. Java/Groovy Developer

Hamlet D'Arcy

Hamlet D'Arcy

Sr. Java/Groovy Developer, Groovy and CodeNarc Committer Hamlet D’Arcy has been writing software for over a decade, and has spent considerable time coding in C++, Java, and Groovy. He’s passionate about learning new languages and different ways to think about problems.

Hamlet is the founder of the Basel-based Hackergarten open source coding group, and regularly participates and speaks at local and international user groups and conferences. Hamlet is a committer on the Groovy and CodeNarc projects, and is a contributor on a few other open source projects (including JConch and the IDEA Groovy Plugin).

He blogs regularly at and can be found on Twitter as HamletDRC.

Greach 2011

New Ideas for Old Code

[slideshare id=10074082&doc=newideasforoldcodemadrid-111108110238-phpapp01]
“The Pragmatic Programmer” admonished us all to “write code that writes code”: use code generators to increase productivity and avoid duplication. Today’s language communities have clearly caught on, as more and more frameworks generate code at compile time: AST Transforms, Project Lombok, Spring Roo, and more. This session reviews these approaches including examples of how and why we’d want to do this. Come see the newest Groovy language tools, look in-depth at production deployed AST Transforms, and view libraries based on these techniques. Audience: developers searching for cutting edge solutions to increasing team velocity.

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