Greach 2014

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street? I wanna be a Grails rookie star there!

During this workshop a practical example of a web application will be developed. Its nature will be ludic (based on Sesame Street characters) but complex enough to put into spot the different features of Grails likewise as Domain Classes, Validators, GORM, Controllers, Services, Testing, etc. Everything will be developed using Groovy/Grails Tool Suite.

This workshop will cover all the commands necessary from the beginning of the project to its end, as well as the fine settings required to run it properly. The whole point will underline what Grails specific traits are over the other rapid development models in use at the moment.
All necessary program code to develop the workshop application will be supplied in advance to the attendants.

Workshop attendants will have a wide glance of involved technologies capacities and roles and of the style of working together with GGTS 3.4 and Grails 2.3.

The complete tools list will be Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.4, Spring Tc Server 2.x y Grails 2.3.


Technical Trainer

Fernando Redondo

Fernando Redondo
For the Last eight years I’ve been working as a technical trainer specialized in Java/JEE, delivering more than 8000 training hours for professionals and companies all over Spain.

In the Development training area I spotlight courses of: Spring (Core, AOP, MVC, Remoting, Security, Webflow, WS and Integration modules), Groovy, Grails, Hibernate, JPA, JSF, Maven, EJB3, Struts2, Testing, Patterns, Agile Ecosystems and Extreme Programming.

Within the Systems area I have taught courses of Application Servers administration, mainly about Tomcat, Websphere, Jboss, Weblogic, Web App Performance Analysis, JVM Tuning and Problem determination on Java/JEE Applications.

Since ten years ago I’ve been running Pronoide, an IT company established in Madrid which operates in Spain. Here, I have been in charge of a team of trainers, analysts and programmers, and I am responsible for presales of courses and projects, consulting, technical designs and software development.

Before that period, I had been working as a Teacher in a high school, Systems Engineer, Project manager and Developer manager, summing up to 14 years of experience in Java technology.

I have a Computer Science Degree by the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. I hold the following certificates: Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform (SCPJ), Standard Edition 5.0. Professional Certification Program from IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6.1, Core Administration and Advanced Administration, Professional Certification Program from Oracle. Oracle Weblogic Server 11g: System Administration I.