Greach 2014

Making Java APIs Groovy

One of the major advantages of Groovy is that you can leverage existing Java APIs very easily: you can use them in Groovy just like you would in Java. However, Groovy is a perfect fit for DSLs and it’s possible to make those APIs rock: why would you be obliged to use them in a Java fashion if we can build Groovy APIs for them? In this session, we will take an existing Java API and try to make it Groovy step by step, introducing you to various DSL building techniques in Groovy. After this talk, you should be able to build your own Groovy wrappers around existing Java APIs and offer them to the community!

Core Groovy committer

Cédric Champeau

Cedric Champeau

Cédric Champeau is a core Groovy committer. He joined SpringSource, a division of VMware, in order to help developing the language. Prior to that, he spent several years at Lingway, a software editor, where he used Groovy in multiple industrial contexts including DSLs for natural language processing, scripting or even workflows.
He his currently working on the implementation of static type checking and static compilation for Groovy 2.0.