Greach 2016

Shut up and give me your Money!!

Ticketbis is a marketplace that operates as an exchanger for buying and selling tickets to events in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Due to all this diversity we built the Money Plugin, first to be representative as a domain concept of our business but more importantly to encapsulate and be a container for all the business logic around things like currency exchanges, rates, Manage accuracy, avoid operating between different currencies… If all these concepts are familiar to you, shut up and give me your Money!!

Tech Lead

Alvaro Salazar

Alvaro Salazar

With more 10 years of experience, Alvaro has worked in good variety of projects and for companies of all sizes, both in the public and private sector.Passionate about software development and always thinking about learning and trying new things, Alvaro is a firm believer that magic always happens when he is out of his comfort zone.You can easily find Alvaro with a book in his hands or testing a new library.