Greach 2014

Understanding GORM

GORM is one of the keys for the success of Grails, but for a Grails beginner some concepts may be a bit confusing. Even for a long time developer there can be some missconceptions due to the abstractions layers of the framework.

In this talk I’ll try to cover some of the basics of GORM, Hibernate and how to interact with transactions and sessions. I’ll show some of the problems that I had starting with the Grails framework and how I think they are best solved.

Some other topics that I’ll go over are the interaction with GPars, transactionality inside tests and the differences between “session” and “transaction”.

Software Engineer at Kaleidos

Alonso Torres

Alonso Torres

Software engineer and pragmatic programmer, Alonso has been developing software for the Java ecosystem for over 8 years and nowadays is a full-time Groovy & Grails developer at Kaleidos, where he has been involved in the development of some Grails plugins such as Grails Postgresql Extensions and Grails time-travel.