Greach 2016

Down the RabbitMQ hole

RabbitMQ is a great infrastructure software, but there is a not very well known feature that allow us to create WebSockets applications its great STOMP integration.

In this talk I’ll show how we can very easily create a very robust WebSocket application using RabbitMQ, Spring Integration and, of course, Groovy.

Software Engineer

Alonso Torres Ortiz

Alonso Torres Ortiz

Software engineer at Kaleidos Open Source, Alonso has been developing in the Java and JVM ecosystem and almost 10 years. Nowadays he is a full-time Groovy/Grails
developer and is developing Web applications for big companies and startups.

He also combines his day to day job with the collaboration in several open source projects and other passion about the software development in general and the functional programming in particular.